All funds were positive in March!

All our three funds were positive in March. The EIC Energy Opportunity fund was our best perfomer and gained 6.5% (I-USD Class).

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EIC Energy Utility Fund performed well in January

The EIC Energy Utility Fund was the only one to performe positive in January. It gained 4.0 % (A-CHF Class).

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October was a good month!

The month of october was a successful one for our funds. All of them were clearly positive.

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Fundplat: Contrarian-Chance im Energiesektor

Our Head of Sales Stefano Augstburger introduces our company and talks about our funds. [DE]

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NZZ: Tesla gibt der Energiewende Schub

Our portfolio manager Andreas Schneller about the increasing importance of battery storage. [DE]

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Bilanz: Anlegen mit Rückenwind

2015-09-18 Bilanz: Anlegen mit RückenwindAn article about the different opportunities in the renewable energies sector. [DE]

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Volatile August

August was volatile and stock markets were under pressure with the MSCI World down 8.3% (in EUR). The picture for our funds was not much different:

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Strong utilities in July

The EIC Energy Utility Fund gained 4.0% (A-EUR Class) in July. Main reason were the strong performing utilities in Japan, because of the restart of the first nuclear power plant after Fukushima.

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EIC Energy Talk #14

Have a look at the presentation from the EIC Energy Talk #14, which focussed on the future of battery storage and investment opportunities in this sector. The event took place on June 18, 2015.

In a short audio version you can listen to the commentary of Andreas Schneller and Dominique Candrian. 

To open and play the presentation correctly, please have a look at the instructions document below.[EN]

The second document is the original presentation without an audio commentary. [DE]

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Finanz und Wirtschaft: Hot Corner: Elektrisierend

Our partner Andreas Schneller shares his opinion about the little US electricity company PNM Resources. [EN]

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